Open Sack Valve Pinchbottom
Open Mouth Sewn

Paper Sack

Manufacture of paper sacks with or without multilayer plastic bag, plastic interior features as special papers of their product.

Our technical team will advise when the design, type, size and composition required to obtain a suitable bag for your product.
Bags with different sizes of background, so better get good benefit to palletizing and packaging.
To fill valve packing in both mechanical and pressure, allows manguito studied in different finishing options (only paper, plastic, plastic special airtight sealing or ultrasonic).
Sack of new generation, designed for high quality products and significant degree of tightness in the top allows it chose to close or normal sewn in version tab-on type, with built-in hot-melt glue closed with special equipment in his factory.
Sewn and OPEN:
Made stitched bottom and fold back for easy opening.

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